15 September 2019
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110 km RACE

•    The first 4,1 km and the final 4,1 km of the event is on the same route.
•    At 8,5 km mark PAY ATTENTION at Nampak intersection – bumpy roads / pedestrians.  Turn left and then cross over highway (R59) and turn right at 
9,6 km.
•    Cycle along Kliprivier Road for another 6,5 km until the R82 intersection.
•    Pay attention at R82 intersection after 24,5 km – two turns left are encountered.
•    Long uphill drag (10 km) to Walkerville.  First tester for legs! (CAUTION!  ROAD WORKS ON THE ROAD.)
•    Sharp turn left into Randvaal Road at 36 km.   First water point at 36.5 km mark.
•    Pass Lapeng Centre on left.
•    Continue on Randvaal Road, (DO NOT TURN LEFT INTO JOAN RD) over the R59 and railway line bridge, Start venue on your left hand side.
•    Turn right into Daleside into Kroonarend road
•    Turn right into Karee Road, the church is on your left hand side.
•    Turn left at the next intersection into Bokmakierie Road.  This is a 3km flat section with the railway line on your right hand side, past the crushers on your left side.  At the entrance to the crushers you will encounter a short piece of cobbles.
•    You will now encounter an S bend and then turn left to cross Henley Drive.
•    Make a right turn into Blougras and left again into Kruisgras.
•    Cross over into The Avenue.  The next 6km is through the outskirts of the town Henley-on-Klip.  It is fairly flat but with many intersections and sharp S bends where you need to concentrate.
•    1st intersection:  The Avenue, St Davids and Shillings Ford street (church on your right)
•    2nd intersection:  The Avenue, St Martins and Wargrave Road, cross over (left).  Big dip in the road.
•    You will go past the Oprah Winfery School (back of school)
•    Turn right into Ewelme Road.
•    You will cross over two speed humps and the retirement village (left hand side).
•    When coming out of Henley-On-Klip, turn left onto Verwoerd road.  You will cross the Klipriver.
•    Turn right onto the Bloemendal Road / Aerials route and continue for 7,2km.  The SECOND WATER POINT is situated on this road.
•    Turn left onto the R42 for 9,7km.  Be cautious, this is a very busy road.  Go past the first road that turn to your left.
•    Turn left onto Verwoerd Road, continue for 4,3km.
•    Turn right at the intersection into Karee Road.  The nature reserve is on your right hand side.  The THIRD WATER POINT is situated opposite the entrance of the nature reserve.
•    Turn right in the slipway into Joan Road.  Continue for 7km.
•    Left turn into Springbok Road (M61) in southerly direction back home towards the Circus. 
•    Road closure from this point onwards, i.e. Joan road to Finish.
•    FINISH at 110 km.