15 September 2019
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150 km RACE

•    The first 4,1 km and the final 4,1 km of the event is on the same route.
•    At 8,5 km mark PAY ATTENTION at Nampak intersection – bumpy roads / pedestrians.  Turn left and then cross over highway (R59) and turn right at 
9,6 km.
•    Cycle along Kliprivier Road for another 6,5 km until the R82 intersection.
•    Pay attention at R82 intersection after 24,5 km – two turns left are encountered.
•    Long uphill drag (10 km) to Walkerville.  First tester for legs! (CAUTION!  ROAD WORKS ON THE ROAD.)
•    Sharp turn left into Randvaal Road at 36 km.  First water point at 36.5 km mark.
•    Pass Lapeng Centre on left.
•    Continue on Randvaal Road, (DO NOT TURN LEFT INTO JOAN RD) over the R59 and railway line bridge, Start venue on your left hand side.
•    Turn right into Daleside into Kroonarend road
•    Turn right into Karee Road, the church is on your left hand side.
•    Turn left at the next intersection into Bokmakierie Road.  This is a 3km flat section with the railway line on your right hand side, past the crushers on your left side.  At the entrance to the crushers you will encounter a short piece of cobbles.
•    You will now encounter an S bend and then turn left to cross Henley Drive.
•    Make a right turn into Blougras and left again into Kruisgras.
•    Cross over into The Avenue.  The next 6km is through the outskirts of the town Henley-on-Klip.  It is fairly flat but with many intersections and sharp S bends where you need to concentrate.
•    1st intersection:  The Avenue, St Davids and Shillings Ford street (church on your right)
•    2nd intersection:  The Avenue, St Martins and Wargrave Road, cross over (left).  Big dip in the road.
•    You will go past the Oprah Winfery School (back of school)
•    Turn right into Ewelme Road.
•    You will cross over two speed humps and the retirement village (left hand side).
•    When coming out of Henley-On-Klip, turn left onto Verwoerd road.  You will cross the Klipriver.
•    Turn right onto the Bloemendal Road / Aerials route and continue for 7,2km.  The SECOND WATER POINT is situated on this road.
•    Turn left onto the R42 for 9,7km.  Be cautious, this is a very busy road.  Go past the first road that turn to your left.
•    Turn left onto Verwoerd Road, continue for 4,3km.
•    Turn right at the intersection into Karee Road.  The nature reserve is on your right hand side.  The THIRD WATER POINT is situated opposite the entrance of the nature reserve Enter into the Nature Reserve.  Please note that all support cars must wait for you to exit.
•    Ride 40 km through Suikerbosrand Reserve (yes, road closure), BUT the steep uphill, downhill, sharp corners and animals, do demand attention to be paid.
•    The main climb starts at 61 km mark and endures for 3 km until KOM is reached at 64.5 km. EISH!!! Some areas at 10% gradient.
•    Then some steep winding DANGEROUS downhill for 6 km.
•    Steep 1 km hill encountered at 70 km.
•    Steep downhill and sharp right turn at speed – DANGER – at 72 km
•    Take the first right turn (Ouhout Group Camp) and climb back for 3.2 km to the top of Suikerbosrand Reserve.  Hot Spot on 76km.
•    At the top, turn left and proceed to the exit gate (a full 40 km loop was done). BE AWARE as one exists the reserve through the boom gate and main gate.
•    Turn right onto Karee Road. 
•    Turn right in the slipway into Joan Road.  Continue for 7km Left turn into Springbok Road (M61) in southerly direction back home towards the Circus. 
•    Road closure from this point onwards, i.e. Joan road to Finish.
•    FINISH at 150 km.